Caring Beyond boundaries ....

Our Lord Jesus Christ commanded us to go out into the world to help others learn of and experience God's love through prayer, healing, teaching and reconciliation.  

Everyone and everything in creation is precious to God and us. We absolutely welcome people of all faiths and none, of all cultures and creeds, of all ages and abilities because we know we are all on a journey of learning and sharing. We welcome the Church of England Guidance for those who are transgender or transitioning and are sensitive to the needs of those of different sexuality.

We try to show God's love through our support of people in their daily lives in times of joy and times of need. Being in the living presence of God we walk together safely in the knowledge of eternal life but living realistically and compassionately now.  

There are many people locally, nationally and internationally who are in need, in distress, isolated or lonely, homeless or in poverty.  Our vision is to give aid for both their physical and spiritual needs as well as helping practically and financially.

.... and it is not just about people in need, it is about being in the community, whilst being rooted in God and sharing it all around.  We also visit the children in our local schools linking the bible stories to real life.