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DonkeyThe Parish of Frensham and Dockenfield contains two lively and growing churches. Our mission is to create an environment in which the message of God's love gets through. We do this not just through our worship and services but in everything we do.




  Palm Sunday with the Donkey    

Cherubs enjoying the sunshine

 Harvest Supper  Harvest Supper


Frensham Choir rehearsing at Christchurch Priory

Confirmation Service 2015Confirmation

In June this year we had a special service conducted by The Right Reverend Ian Brackley to confirm those children and adults who want to follow the Christian way of living. They had previously attended various sessions to learn the tenants of the Christian faith and how these are totally connected with life and relationships, purpose and the meaning of our being in this world. The service was one of great celebration and joy, and the candidates continue to be supported by the church as a whole as they journey along... 

If you wish to consider confirmation please contact the Rev'd Jane Walker

Holy Land SunsetHoly Land Pilgrimage

Pilgrimage is an important part of the Christian journey of life. Sometimes it is a journey of spirituality - meditation and learning prayerfully - but other times it is literally a journey to a new and strange place to experience a wholesome and onnected dimension of faith which enhances and transforms our lives.

Dominus FlevitEvery 18 months we have travelled to the Holy land - Jerusalem, Bethlehem and Galilee to name just a few places, with our brothers and sisters from Rowledge and further afield. Each visit has been fantastic in so many ways!

We have learnt so much about the history, economics, politics and religious tensions of the local situation but more importantly our spiritual journeying with God and with each other has been deepened greatly. Also every time we have Bible readings in our services now, they come much more to life as we have walked in the places where Jesus walked, and we are conscious that we are trying to walk in his footsteps as Christians each day... 

Holy Land

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