Disasters Emergency Committee - Ebola Appeal

04 February 2015

Simon Claiden
Frensham Parochial Church Council

Receipt of £320.27 on 22/01/2015

Dear Supporter,

We wanted to write to you today for many reasons, because this is not just

about us saying thank you, it's letting everyone who has received help and

support through your donation have a voice, and letting you know what a

difference you've made.


The true cost of Ebola can be found in the people affected; this is a disease that

has torn communities apart. 16 year old Lydia lost her family and found herself

isolated from her community. Now, because of your donation we can help

more and more people like her.


DEC Member agencies are on the ground right now providing cleaning kits and

protective clothing. They are training communities with awareness and

prevention methods, helping to stop the spread of Ebola and giving all those at

risk the empowerment to keep themselves and their families' safe. And thanks

to your help over the coming months we are going to be doing more and more.


Your generous act today will go a long way to changing someone's life, maybe

even saving it. That person may not be able to write to you directly and say

thank you, but at least we can on their behalf. Even if you feel your generosity

does not need to be thanked, we want to say so anyway.

So thank you.

Together we are stronger.

Yours sincerely,



Saleh Saeed

Chief Executive

Disasters Emergency Committee