Junior Church

Childrens churchWe are delighted to welcome all young churchgoers.  As well as the Family Service at Dockenfield on the first Sunday of the month and Sunday Tea Messy church at St Mary's on the third Sunday,  on the second, fourth and fifth Sundays of the month there are special activities for toddlers and older children in the Church Hall during the 10.30 service.   The children can play and make new friends while learning about the Bible stories in a creative and accessible way, through craft, songs and games.   Parents can have time and space to be in Church while children are part of their own group having fun, although adults are also welcome to stay, and often do so especially if they are just visiting.  We have toys and mats for babies, and the kitchen and other facilities are on hand when we need them.
We usually start by playing with toys and props to introduce the Bible story and we think about the ideas and events using songs, actions, questions and lots of craft and games.  Older children often help by reading the story or taking the lead with the craft, or they can choose from other activities such as age appropriate word games, activity sheets or discussion topics if they prefer. We finish with a prayer and go back into church just before Communion, so that families can share this together.  
Cress headsAt the end of the service the children love to share their creations with the congregation - they are very proud of their masterpieces.  Their fluffy sheep, Ten Commandments Train and other art works are often left on display in the hall or in the children's corner at the back of Church - do have a look next time you are in Church!