Frensham Village Churches

Letter from the Vicarage - December 2016


 Dear Brothers and sisters,
December seems to have come round all too quickly, doesn’t it? And it has been such a busy year!
So busy in fact that my diary has fallen apart and is held together with an elastic band!
You may think this is strange because you may all be flying around to get the preparations sorted for Christmas, but I am really looking forward to slowing down in Advent. I specifically make time to rest and sit quietly with a reflection or meditation to ponder the great spiritual power of Christmastide that still does affect people every year, no matter whether they celebrate Christmas with all its Christian depth or because it is a 'season to be jolly…’ , which is often not the case for many reasons…

So I thought rather than giving you my usual Advent/Christmas schpeal, I would simply give you a poem that I love, to ponder for yourselves…

 Advent Approach by Alison Adams

God of time and space
we are glad to be here
on this Advent night.
For in your company we belong
and this is a great mystery.

King of kings,
we dimly understand your power.
Light of life,
we cannot hide from you.
Saviour of the poor,
we bear witness to your compassion.
Word of truth,
we submit to your wisdom.
Flesh of our flesh,    
we know we are understood by you.

We, who so carelessly forget your will
in our daily lives.
We, whose hearts are so often
filled with the wrong things.
We, who so typically squeeze every minute
out of these days
to get the last present bought,
the last call made,
the preparations finalised.

But this time is for you
and so let us stop.
Let us still our buzzing heads,
relax our bodies
and breathe deeply with your breath.

(Pause here… and breathe…)
In this moment, in this welcoming stillness, we acknowledge our need of your waiting time. And we ask forgiveness on all our lack of care –
For you,
for ourselves,
and for others –
in the midst of the festive madness.

(Pause here too…)
who speaks to us
in angel’s words
and in a baby’s cries,
speak to us this night
as we await your good word for our souls.

(Pause here too…)
And as forgiven people,
we will be still
and wait,
and we will praise you


Wishing you space and time as you prepare for Christmas,

With love and prayers,