Frensham Village Churches

Letter from the Vicarage - December 2017


Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Further to my rant last month about people ignoring each other and devaluing each other because so many are too absorbed with using their mobile phones, I was shown a wonderful ‘You Tube’ clip called ‘Look Up’ by Gary Turk. Whilst I realise it does mean using an electronic device, be it a mobile phone I-pad or computer (but I hope you will think for a valid reason), nevertheless if you are able please do watch this video clip (you can find it easiest by using Google – simply type in ‘Look Up’). It lasts under 5 minutes and will be time well spent. The clip is powerful and should be shared as widely as possible because its overall message is about the very purpose of our lives…about the ultimate importance of being present together through life in a personal relationship.

In essence the video states that we are losing true human personal relationship because of our addiction to electronic technology. Humanity is becoming increasingly lonely and more isolated (particularly in younger people) because we over-use these electronic devices, which bizarrely and ironically are supposed to aid communication!  But they are creating another layer between/barrier to our joining together. Now, don’t get me wrong – technology in itself is not generally an unhealthy development - of course not. Just look at the advances in healthcare and science because of it. No, it is the over-use, addiction and dependence on electronic technology that is creating the barrier to meaningful relationships. 

In December we are travelling through Advent towards Christmas. Now is a time of preparation: firstly preparing by considering what God becoming incarnate in Jesus Christ might mean to us personally and globally, and secondly, preparing therefore to actually meet with God as we celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ.  The birth of Jesus Christ tells us that God is in relationship with creation and that in Christ there are no barriers between God and creation. Christ being born of Mary by God’s Holy Spirit is about the revelation of utter connectedness and joining of the Creator with creation at a biological, cellular level – there is no separation – God in Christ by the power of the Holy Spirit, is ‘One Being of True Relationship’. And as Creator and created are utterly connected we can understand that all creation therefore lives and is alive in that which is God… So the only barriers are the ones we put in the way…

We as humans are putting up barriers all the time, consciously and unconsciously, practically and electronically, mentally and physically. We don’t like to feel vulnerable; we are finding it harder and harder to open up to each other for fear of being hurt or injured in some way. And yet we were created with all our senses to be joined together in love, which is ultimately the care for each other.  ‘Joining’ is intrinsic to our being and obviously applies to our Creator as well. God loved us so much that God joined with humanity in Jesus Christ who was born as a vulnerable baby and grew up and lived extraordinarily amongst us for 33 years. Jesus didn’t ever really have a safe life because He challenged all those who put up barriers to God and each other. In God’s living presence in Jesus Christ He communicated infinite and eternal connecting Love through His teaching, preaching and healing. This removed barriers and encouraged people to start a new way of living together.

We are still learning how to do this and it does take courage and it takes time and effort to grow relationships. But it is so worth it! So, let us be courageous this Christmas - let us ‘look up’ and put down our mobile phones and electronic devices. Let us all realise the wonderful message of joining together in love with God and each other this Christmastide.

With love and Christmas blessings,