Frensham Village Churches

Letter from the Vicarage - February 2018


Dear Brothers and Sisters,

February already – this year is whizzing past, isn’t it? It doesn’t seem a moment ago when I was writing about Christmas 2017 and (as Easter is early this year) this very month we will be starting Lent on Valentine’s day as it is Ash Wednesday!

Celebrating the Christian year is a funny thing really, and must seem especially strange and incoherent to those who just dip in and out of church. But actually it does have a structure and flow which year by year and with frequent regular attendance helps one to live through deeply spiritually moving experiences, which can impact positively on life and give a bigger vision.

Here is an outline of the key dates for 2018

6/7 January

Epiphany – when the Magi visit Jesus at about age 2 years

7 January

Baptism of Christ by John  the Baptist

4 February

Candlemas – when Jesus goes to the temple about age 12

14 February

Ash Wednesday – the beginning of Lent

18, 25 Feb

Lent 1 & 2 – a time of learning, fasting and prayer

4, 11, 18 March

Lent 3, Mothering Sunday (Lent 4), Lent 5

25 March

Palm Sunday – when Jesus entered Triumphantly in Jerusalem on a Donkey ready for Passover and his crucifixion

26 March (Mon)

Stations of the Cross – a meditation pilgrimage along the Via Dolorosa where Jesus carried his cross

29 March

Maundy Thursday – when Jesus washed the Disciple’s feet and gave communion

30 March

Good Friday – when Jesus died on the cross

31 March

Holy Saturday – when Jesus was in the tomb

1 April

Easter Day – when Jesus rose again

8 April

Annunciation to the Virgin Mary (slightly less than 9 months before Christmas)

22 April

St Georges Day

10 May (Thurs)

Ascension of Jesus to heaven

20 May

Pentecost – when Jesus’ Holy Spirit was given – the birth of the Church

27 May

Trinity Sunday – when we celebrate the wondrous relationship of God – Father, Son and Holy Spirit

17 June

Fathers’ Day

5 August

The Transfiguration of Jesus  - revealing Him as God’s Son

9 Sept 

Celebrating the Blessed Virgin Mary

7 & 14 Oct

Celebrating God’s provision - Harvest services

30 Sept

A celebration of St Michael & All Angels

28 October

A celebration of 2 apostles St Simon & Jude

2 Nov (Fri)

All Souls – remembering those whom we love but see no longer

4 Nov

All Saints – remembering all the saints of the past

11 Nov

Remembrance Sunday

25 Nov

Celebrating Christ the King – the end of the Christian Year

2 Dec

Advent Sunday – the beginning of the Christian Year – a time of thoughtfulness and preparation for meeting Christ at Christmastime

9, 16 & 23 Dec

Advent 2, 3. & 4

24 Dec (Mon)

Christmas Eve – with crib services

25 Dec

Christmas Day – celebrating Christ coming again


This outline may have raised more questions than given any explanation, but I hope it shows that learning about the Christian faith is never static - there is always something going on!

If you have questions, come along and ask away while or after you experience the story! Or better still contact me and join the ‘Explorers Group’ that will be starting on Wednesday evenings at 6pm - 7pm in St Mary’s Church from 21st February.

With love and prayers,