Frensham Village Churches

Letter from the Vicarage - October 2018

Dear Brothers and Sisters,


Last month the ‘Friends of Frensham Churches’(FOFC)  was launched on a beautiful, clear, late summer evening, graciously hosted by Roger and Kate Holmes in the idyllic grounds of The Mill House, with wonderful entertainment given by our beautiful, local, Mezzo Soprano Opera Singer Hannah Poulsom accompanied by the skilled musicianship of Mike Smith (church organist) on the piano.

 The purpose of The ‘Friends of Frensham Churches’ is to contribute to the preservation and maintenance of the two wonderful and very different historic church buildings in the Parish. Every year there is much to do with regard to caring for these fantastic buildings. We have visitors continuously from around the world who may have historical family links with Frensham, or may be interested in the social/religious history of both churches or simply love church architecture. These churches are used extensively now and are vibrant places to be, not only on Sundays but throughout the week, with all the many different worship services that we do throughout the year, not to mention the Cherubs toddler group, Pilates and Zumba (not at the same time!), cello lessons, organ recitals and Tea @ 3, Friday ‘Pizza and Praise’, the educational Forum, choral concerts, jigsaw festivals, music marathons, Christmas tree festivals, quiet days, and much more…  I regularly give tours to U3A, school and other groups outlining the amazing historical and artistic features of the churches.

 In the past, we have had various fundraising events to support the upkeep and development of both church buildings, and this, to a certain extent, will be needed for the bigger projects. Up to now we have been supported by incredibly generous people both physically and financially. But times are changing and finances can sometimes be uncertain, pressured or erratic, and people may also feel unable to physically support as in the past. Additionally, as general wear and tear increase with the greater use and as both churches get older, the cost of repairs goes up, so we have to be more proactive in investing now to give confidence to the future ‘caretakers’ and ‘users’ of these buildings. So we need lots of people to become Friends…

 As a Friend of Frensham Churches you will be making a valued contribution. You will receive a membership certificate, a yearly newsletter, an Annual Report and invitations to social and fundraising gatherings. You are very welcome to come and join in with any of the activities that already occur, and your thoughts and comments will be most welcome. Your contribution will be ring-fenced solely for the upkeep of the church buildings and contents. It will not be used for the religious mission of the church (FOFC is a non-religious Trust). Charitable status is being applied for. The fund will be administered by the Trustees of FOFC and grants will be paid as appropriate to Frensham PCC.

 If you feel you can support this essential Trust Fund, an annual subscription will make a real difference and the costs of these are as follows:

£15 Annual (single person)

£25 Annual (Couple or family)

£150 Life (single)

£250 Life (couple or family)

Founder member (single, couple or family) £1000

Forms are in both churches and can be filled out and posted or dropped into The Parish Office at The Vicarage, The Street, Frensham, GU10 3DT

 I will just add how truly grateful I am to everyone who has given so generously in the past to get us to this point. I feel that I am the most blessed priest in having such beautiful buildings to work in (and beyond in the community) and it is an utter privilege and joy to serve you all.

 With love and prayers,



 1st Sept 2018: Marriage of James Muirhead and Laura Harrison

 8th Sept 2018: Marriage of Will Robinson and Hannah Lee – Gill

 15th Sept 2018: Marriage of Daniel Brown and Harriet Addison

 22nd Sept 2018: Marriage of Philip Percival and Jennifer Palfrey