Frensham Village Churches

Letter from the Vicarage - September 2018


Dear Brothers and Sisters,

September is such a time of transition for so many…and especially for children

changing class or school, or going to college or university. And of course that

affects most parents who have to adapt their busy schedules as school runs may

now be longer or more convoluted with an array of different schools for differing

ages of children and teenagers. Actually nowadays grandparents must also be

included here as so many help with child care because both parents need to

work to afford their house mortgage.

At the time of my writing this parish magazine letter, Mark and I are in waiting

for our first granddaughter to be born sometime around the beginning of this

month. That will mean a big transition, not only for our daughter and her

husband but also for us as first-time grandparents! So if you see us looking a bit

tired…you’ll perhaps guess the reason!

Life transition experiences are often the most challenging times for us all to get

through – we all know most of them – birth, nursery/school, leaving home for

further education or work, getting a job (hopefully), meeting someone who can

become a partner, marriage (hopefully at some stage), having children (possibly),

moving house(s), (hopefully not) separation or divorce, illness (physical or

psychological), operations, recoveries, death and bereavement.

Often we try to cope with these transitions in our own strength, and indeed we

do have much in our energy tank to achieve many journeys through. But just as

often, when these sometimes prolonged (if not permanent) change-situations

are heavily weighted - physically, mentally and emotionally, it is good to

remember that we are body, mind and spirit…

There is a deeper dimension to us all – we are not just cells, neurones, chemicals

and intellect - as I said in my last month’s letter – we are all God’s children! Yes,

all created out of stardust and energy, but also with a depth of

soul/being/connexion which is both within and beyond, which many if not most

might call God. It is the Love of God which links us; that creates, sustains and

eternalises relationships; that carries us through every transition or change in

life, and is the very Constant of Life that abates fear, enables restoration, and

brings equilibrium and contentment.

I can honestly write that through all the good, less good and terribly painful

transitions that I have experienced and endured in my life thus far, it is only

God’s love (shown primarily through people who have generously shared God’s

sacrificial and eternal love) that has helped me right through and moreover

facilitated great learning, increased adaptability, stripped away the senseless

pride of trying to be superwoman and enabled much needed humility to grow as

I’ve learnt that there is absolutely no shame in asking for help!

I’m just reminded of a great hymn -

“Through all the changing scenes of life,

  in trouble and in joy,

The praises of my God shall still

  my heart and tongue employ.”

Having received so much, I’m so grateful for all the wondrous love given and try

fairly continually to shower both God’s and my love on all who are going through

transitions, but you know it is surprising how many people ‘bat it back’ – perhaps

thinking I have another agenda? I don’t – as you will realise from my last letter!

By being a priest in the Church of England, I am simply called to “meet people

where they are and love ‘em!”

So, in this new changing season, here’s hoping for a new way forward of sharing

the Love that is powerfully healing, infinite and eternal, and God bless all who

are moving up, out or on through the gateways of life.

With love and prayers,


Parish Register

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4th August 2018: marriage blessing of George and Fiona Maxwell

12th August 2018: Baptism of Eliza Allen