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7th October 2020

Dear Friends of Frensham Churches 

Firstly, it’s great to report that, following the hard work of Simon Claiden our Treasurer in particular, the Charity Commissioners have confirmed charitable status for Friends of Frensham Churches and we now have a Registered Charity Number 1190116. Secondly, we will be reporting in our forthcoming annual accounts a pledge of £3,000 towards the cost of the overdue service of the bells at St Mary’s. While the scope of required work is subject to current investigation, we know that the pledge will be of particular help in unlocking other grants that look for matched funding. It may still take some time to confirm the work and raise the balance of funds required, but in the meantime, it has been great that it has been possible for the bells to recommence ringing after a COVID pause, even if with reduced numbers. 

In our last update in June we shared Jane’s hope that new chairs at The Good Shepherd could play a part in re-opening this space – and hence sought your support to use the proceeds from the wine tasting tickets sales towards this. Sadly, it seems that for the moment the air blown heating system has thwarted this – given its formidable potential to circulate germs… 

For the wine tasting ticket holders amongst us, I am pleased to say we have the selected wine safely in storage and Christina Rasmussen assures that it will keep, so we will still have the wine tasting at some point. With many thanks to all those that have given confirmation so that we can access the funds in the meantime.

Finally, it is a sad reality that, like most charities, our potential to run fundraising activities are currently severely curtailed. Nevertheless, there is something that we can do that has been a valuable source of funds and would be great if we can increase even further – buying FOFC Christmas Cards! 60% of all proceeds go to FOFC. Click here for more details.