Organ Recitals

The lunchtime organ recitals on the 4th Tuesday of the month have been suspended for the duration of the coronovirus emergency.

The organ is being cleaned and overhauled by Andrew Cooper & Co., Organ Builders, based at Ryde on the Isle of Wight.  The overhaul will include the installation of a new electronic control system and some minor tonal changes.

Wednesday 22nd January: work started on the overhaul of the organ on with the removal of the keyboards and the pedal board:

Organ with keyboards and pedal board removed

Thursday 13th February: Gary at work in the organ installing wiring and soldering lots and lots of joints:

Gary at work in the organ installing wiring

 Friday13th March: Installation of the new Musicom control system is nearly complete. The keyboards and pedal board have been returned to the organ.  The Divisional / General and Transposer display panels have been installed along with repeater thumb pistons for Generals 5 - 8.  The pedal board has been overhauled and the worn "black" notes have been capped in Rosewood.

New brain

 Bottom end of keyboardTop end of keyboardStepper pistons and Div/Gen display panelPedal board