Frensham Village Churches

Parish Friends

Parish friends handsThe Parish Friends are a group of people from within the parish who offer their services as a help in times of need. The need can be of a practical nature, such as to give lifts to hospital for appointments or visits, shopping, etc. or it can be someone who will listen in times of trouble.

The service is 24 hours and although some Friends prefer not to drive at night they will always put the caller in touch with someone who can. Each area has a representative and the full list is published in the Parish Magazine. You can, of course, contact any Friend at any time.

Parish friends old peopleIf you do not have a Parish Magazine to hand, please call one of the Co-ordinators:

Mrs Chris Haines (Frensham)     01252 794573

Mrs Morag James (Dockenfield)     01252 793133