Photography Policy for Weddings

IMPORTANT:  We ask that all marriage couples give the following information to their photographer and videographer (if applicable).  

Marriage is a sacrament of worship and therefore we would ask that all photographers respect the holiness of this occasion. The holiest moment is when the couple join their hands and say their vows and when the rings are exchanged, therefore we insist that photography does not occur during the saying of the marriage vows and during the time of the giving and receiving of rings.  The Vicar will allow a photograph to be taken when you have just joined hands and then the next photograph will be when your marriage is proclaimed and the groom kisses the bride.  Photographs may be taken on the arrival of the bride, the procession, during hymns and readings and following the official signing of the register.  Please do not use flash photography and we ask that you click with consideration!

With regard to videoing we would ask that this is not intrusive.  Please note there are extra charges due to copyright law in this regard.  Please discuss with the Vicar.