Renewables May 2022

Open Renewables Event at Frensham Mill
We were delighted to welcome Rt Hon Jeremy Hunt, 10 years after he opened the hydro electric scheme at the Frensham Mill site.   This time was with a group of Edgeborough students, exploring different forms of renewable energy, including making up mini solar panels and a wind turbine.  

The next day, an Open Event allowed us all to learn more about how to make our homes kinder to the planet with questions like what happens when my oil/gas boiler/ central heating needs to be replaced?  Could I install solar panels?  
Does battery storage open up new possibilities?  What financial and other support is available?  With many thanks to Edward Levien of ISO Energy for running the very informative briefing sessions.
This was not primarily a fund raising event but sales of refreshments and donations raised close to £500 for FOFC.