Safe Travelling and Parking

St Mary’s Church in Frensham is an ancient Norman Church (c.1239) and, as is quite common with mediaeval churches built in rural setting, the through road leading to it and beyond it is narrow and winding. There are also residential houses and cottages along that road and opposite the church itself.

Slow DownTherefore we are asking all those who visit the church to drive slowly and carefully with consideration for those who live in the area and with due regard for walkers, cyclists, horse riders, etc.

The speed limit is set at 30 miles per hour. However, due to the contours of the road particularly near the church, we would encourage all motorists to drive much more slowly and to be vigilant.

Regarding parking:

  • Please do not obstruct any driveways and garages.

  • Please avoid drop down curbs where people may require access for wheelchairs and pushchairs.

  • Please be aware that the road is used by large vehicles such as horse boxes, tractors, and the occasional delivery truck.

  • Please do not park in such a way as to narrow the carriageway.

With thanks from Rev’d Jane and the churchwarden