Wedding Flowers


We kindly ask that before organising flowers for your wedding, you complete the attached form, which should be emailed to Lynda Newman who is our Church flower co-ordinator.  The letter attached to the form should be given to your florist for their information.  We are very fortunate to have a professional florist, Francesca Sharp, on our church flowers team, who is very willing to offer her services for all your flowers if you wish. She gives the church a donation for all weddings that she does.  Her contact details are 01252 790840 or 07710 914420. See also 

We are privileged to have a beautiful 13th century Grade II* listed building, which we want to preserve for generations to come.  For this reason we have found it necessary to draw up the following guidelines which we hope will be helpful to you.  The Vicar together with the Parochial Church Council (PCC) have agreed that the following places in the Church may be decorated:-

  • All window sills
  • One pedestal behind and to the left of the altar, or the pair of candlesticks.
  • A pedestal in front of the pillar in the centre of the church facing the south door, at the crossing opposite the entrance.
  • Pew Ends (no tape, tacks or nails, etc. to be used).
  • Any flowers decorating the porch outside must be attached to existing nails.  NO MORE NAILS TO BE ADDED.
  • Due to damage in the past no decorations may be placed on the following:  pulpit, font, lectern or altar rails within the church, nor over the gates outside the church.
  • Regarding floral arrangements on the pillars, these need to be on top of the pillars but safely secured with string, not wire, nails or any other fixing that may damage the stonework.

N.B.  Following the wedding, all flowers must be removed except the pedestal to the left of the altar or the pair of candlesticks, which we respectfully request you to leave.  In order to make sure this happens and to cover any potential damage to the church fabric, we request a deposit cheque for £75 made payable to Frensham PCC which will be returned once the flowers are removed after the service.  The cheque should be given with all the other payments at the wedding rehearsal.

Thank you in advance for your co-operation.  We wish you a very happy wedding day!