Sustainable British Wine Tasting - 13th March 2020

Wine Tasting
Come and enjoy a tasting of premier sustainable British wine led by wine writer Christina Rasmussen.   This will include a blind tasting against champagne, just to see which we prefer!  And with all wine and refreshments underwritten, all proceeds from ticket sales will go towards this year's goal - helping buy new chairs for The Good Shepherd.  

GS Chair
These will replace the pews which are close to the end of their useful life and will fit with the original Arts & Craft design, as well as support a broader use of the space for the benefit of the whole community.  This will be our main fundraising activity of the year and our target would be to help buy 15 chairs of the initial  tranche of 40.

We are thrilled that Christina Rasmussen will be leading us through her selection of the best of sustainable British wines.  Christina is already well established as a wine writer and journalist, currently setting up a wine content platform, , and we are delighted that she readily accepted the invitation to share her perspective for the benefit of the village she grew up in.

Numbers are limited. So do buy your tickets now on this Eventbrite link
and look forward to enjoying some great wine – and help buy chairs!