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The Frensham & Dockenfield Parish Magazine is printed each month and distributed to around 500 homes.  It contains details of Church services, news, up-to-date information on Village Societies and Clubs and articles by parishioners.  It is funded by subscription and advertising with all proceeds contributing to the running costs of the Parish.

The subscription fee is £1 per month or £12 per year (payable in January each year for magazines covering the 12 month period January to December).  If you live outside of the Parish you may have the Parish Magazine mailed to your home; the cost for this is a 2nd class stamp per month. To start receiving the magazine - please complete the form here
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July Letter from the Vicarage

Blessings from the Vicarage

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Like many people I’ve been watching Gardeners World since I was very young and although I don’t quite go back to Percy Thrower, I certainly remember back to Geoff Hamilton and then Alan Titchmarsh. Over the many years of its TV screening, the changes in planting, in garden structure and content, and particularly in the last decade the reducing use of pesticides and peat compost, have been dramatic. Out has gone pristine weed-free lawns and in has come much ornamental stone and porcelain paving; out have gone marigolds and geraniums in geometric patterns and in has come various ornamental grasses and native plant species in seemingly haphazard (natural) arrangements! The focus now is much less on what we can achieve as a controlled spectacle for human enjoyment, to focusing in plant pollinators for bees and insects and diverse habitats for hedgehogs and others of all God’s creatures. So much has changed, and not just on Gardener’s World…

And so, I’m sure most people, both local and visitors, will have noticed that, for the last 5 years, for both churches in the Benefice of Frensham and Dockenfield, our gardening teams have stopped mowing the majority of the land around the churches from the month of May. This isn’t because all the volunteer gardeners choose May for their combined holidays(!) but because we have been participating in the ‘Ecochurch’ initiative which has been pioneered by ‘A Rocha UK’. A Rocha UK is part of the international A Rocha family, a network of Christian organisations present in more than 20 countries in six continents.

The A Rocha UK’s ‘Partner in Action’ programme, in which we are participating, is taking action to improve biodiversity, address climate change and make a real difference to nature restoration in the UK. On their website, A Rocha UK writes: ‘Across the UK, our Partners are caring for the biodiversity of their land, supporting the recovery of declining species and threatened habitats and engaging visitors with a message of hope for creation through practical action and demonstration of good conservation practice. Churchyards provide thousands of acres of green oases in communities across the country. Last month’s Churches Count on Nature (CCoN), in which A Rocha UK was a key partner, was a fantastic opportunity to help people understand their local environment and explore the contribution that churches can make to monitoring and conserving wildlife.’

Over the years we have been participating in this scheme, we have been blessed by seeing such an increase in bees, butterflies and moths, different native flowers (especially orchids at the Church of the Good Shepherd) and all manner of other birds and animals. It sounds perhaps a funny thing to say, but when left to nature throughout the summer months, the churchyard at Good Shepherd and St Mary’s graveyard really come alive at this time…

There is however, a balance to be maintained. Over many hundreds of years, the beloved bodies and ash remains of loved ones have been laid to rest in St Mary’s graveyard (not at The Church of the Good Shepherd as it is not consecrated), and many people come to remember key members of their family or friends at strategic times of the year, which understandably can be a very emotional time for them. Each year I do receive complaints from some of those who visit, who believe we have been negligent in our duty and efforts to maintain a pristinely mown and strimmed graveyard, which of course is not the case – indeed, it takes much more effort and care to look after the graveyard now…. Recently one person said to me, “where is your respect for the dead?” In truth I wonder that he also meant, “where is your respect for those who mourn…” and so I listened to his story and could hear the love he still had for his parents and siblings, and the pain of loss so keenly felt even after so many years. With loving care, discussion and prayer, as well as talking about the Christian understanding of Jesus’ death, resurrection and ascension to heaven - that when people die, their bodies ‘rest in peace’ and their spirits ‘rise in glory’ (the biggest change in life for those who have died as well as the lives of those who mourn) - he was comforted that their death was not an end, but a beginning - a beginning of freedom and new life… for them and him as this is the healing ‘letting-go’ journey of bereavement.

God and creation’s cycle of life and death for both humans and nature is both a gift and a challenge, but thanks to Jesus Christ, who shows us that death is not the end, we need never lose hope and can always find peace in and through Him.

Yours in Christ and with love and prayers,


Previous letters from the vicarage can be read here. Copies of our magazine 'Church Life' are here.

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