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The Frensham & Dockenfield Parish Magazine is printed each month and distributed to around 500 homes.  It contains details of Church services, news, up-to-date information on Village Societies and Clubs and articles by parishioners.  It is funded by subscription and advertising with all proceeds contributing to the running costs of the Parish.

The subscription fee is £1 per month or £12 per year (payable in January each year for magazines covering the 12 month period January to December).  If you live outside of the Parish you may have the Parish Magazine mailed to your home; the cost for this is a 2nd class stamp per month. To start receiving the magazine - please complete the form here
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June Letter from the Vicarage


Dear Brothers and Sisters,

I don’t know if you have been able to get away for a holiday or at least a break away from work or to visit different places this year? Hasn’t it been lovely to have better weather after such a wet and dark time – really up well into April. Even my two chocolate labradors seemed fed up with coming home from walks bedraggled all the time… Now when the sun comes out I and the dogs just want to be out in it, although they often get just as wet by going in the river by Pooh sticks bridge!

Last month Mark and I managed to get away for a few days. We did a bit of a tour of the west country but started by staying in the ‘Ancient Gatehouse’ just by Wells Cathedral. ‘Brown’s Gatehouse’ (named after a next-door tenant called Richard Brown in 1553, who was a shoemaker. It was also known as the ‘Dean’s Eye’ in the 19th century ) was built around 1451 by Bishop Thomas Beckington and is an entrance to the Cathedral precincts. I’ve got to say it really did feel ancient too, especially the old stone spiral staircase up to our room – carrying the suitcase up was interesting to say the least!

Once we had deposited our belongings we went into the Cathedral and were met by a wonderful vision filling the whole length of the nave – the air was full of flying doves – peace doves. They were all white, although the lighting made some of them shimmer and look silver and golden – and there were thousands of them! They were all handmade and had messages on each one. The whole Cathedral (as there were very few people there at that time) was almost silent, but what these beautiful doves gracefully ‘flew’ for, spoke volumes. Three messages caught my eye:

  • “An eye for an eye will only make the whole world blind”

  • “Peace is always beautiful”

  • “When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace”

The Holy Spirit which was given by God after Christ’s ascension into heaven is often symbolised by a dove. Now is the time when Christians say we are all living in the ‘power of the Holy Spirit’ because Jesus Christ, since his ascension, abides with God and gave the Holy Spirit to be with us for all eternity. The Holy Spirit is known by various names – Counsellor, Comforter, Baptiser, Strengthener, Intercessor (conduit for prayer), Paraclete (One who surrounds), Spirit of Life and Truth, the Presence of God or the Bringer of Peace. When Jesus died on the cross, it was to bring in the way of peace through sacrifice, because the cross is the very symbol of the power of love overcoming the love of power: Jesus’ sacrifice was to show that the ‘old’ reprisal/retaliatory way of an eye for an eye could never bring peace, but would always lead to more blindness: it was to forge a way for peace to be known, and that when experienced, is indeed beautiful… But peace is so fragile due to our frailties and propensity for control, violence and addiction to power.

We continue to live in a time of great instability and unrest due to human frailties – there are wars and violence in so many parts of the world, not least Yemen, Ukraine and the Holy Land… It is a human immaturity and failure that wars have been raging on from time immemorial. When the ‘Ancient Gatehouse was built, Jack Cade’s rebellion, an uprising against Henry VI’s government was occurring; the final phase of the 100 years’ war (the Lancastrian war) had started; after this there were the Battles of Blore Heath, of Ludford Bridge and Northampton, of Wakefield, and of Towton –power changed hands many times…that’s why nothing has changed, then and now. Until we all learn about love and particularly God’s Love for each and every one of us and everything, we will not have the courage to say no to war and violence. The Holy Spirit is (more names) the ‘Spiritual Energy’ and ‘Connector’ for us now, and when our spirit joins with the Holy Spirit, we can courageously ‘seek and peace and pursue it’ (Psalm 34:14 – 15).

As you perhaps start having your holidays, I pray that you may visit wondrous places which bring you God’s Love, Peace and Joy…

Yours in Christ’s love and with prayers,


Previous letters from the vicarage can be read here. Copies of our magazine 'Church Life' are here.

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